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100 Things To Do Before I Die

These are things I want to do before time runs out.  My bucket list, if you will.  Some I have done before, but have not had the opportunity to do again since I have been sick.  I can’t imagine not experiencing them at least once more.

This is a great exercise for everyone, not just for those who are racing against failing health. Life is much brighter and more satisfying when you are goal-oriented and have something to look forward to. 🙂

In no particular order, here is my list:

  1. Trace my roots to at least the 17th Century.
  2. Learn to play “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” on the piano.
  3. Sleep in a castle.
  4. See a Broadway play in New York City.
  5. Learn to make authentic shrimp fried rice.
  6. Embroider a tablecloth.
  7. Kiss the Blarney Stone.
  8. Be an audience member at the Ellen and Craig Ferguson shows.
  9. Tour a pyramid.
  10. Walk or Run in a marathon.
  11. Design and landscape a garden.
  12. Eat Swiss Chocolate from Switzerland.
  13. Pet a hummingbird.
  14. Learn to make zabaglione and tiramisu.
  15. Go whale watching.
  16. Make a marked difference in one person’s life.
  17. Give a lecture.
  18. Write a letter to the editor of Time Magazine.
  19. Go on a week-long camping trip.
  20. Detail a car.
  21. Take an advanced ballroom dance class.
  22. Visit Disneyworld.
  23. Act in a full-length play.
  24. Buy a hybrid.
  25. Attend the ballet.
  26. Write a children’s book.
  27. Stay in a country inn.
  28. Go horseback riding.
  29. Design a furniture piece.
  30. Create a perfume.
  31. Eat a dozen white chocolate covered strawberries at Shoreline and Old Sac.
  32. Visit Stonehenge.
  33. Meet someone royal.
  34. Learn how to paint.
  35. Take a picture at the “Charmed” house.
  36. Have a star named after me.
  37. Publish one of my writings.
  38. Cook my way through an entire cookbook.
  39. Sail a boat.
  40. Get a service dog.
  41. Visit all 50 states.
  42. Go to a professional sports event.
  43. Get a doctorate.
  44. Tour Hearst Castle.
  45. Fly a plane.
  46. Be an extra in a movie.
  47. Visit Monticello.
  48. Drive the entire length of PCH and Route 66.
  49. Tour a vineyard.
  50. Meet an astronaut.
  51. Go to the Rodeo.
  52. Visit the United Nations.
  53. Go to the Renaissance Faire.
  54. Get stranded on a desert island.
  55. Meet a movie star.
  56. Sit in a dugout with a baseball team.
  57. Learn how to make candles.
  58. Buy a pair of Ferragamo shoes.
  59. Get snowed in during a blizzard.
  60. Live in the country in the UK for a season.
  61. See the fall leaves of New England.
  62. Swim in Lake Michigan.
  63. Visit a lighthouse in Maine.
  64. Shadow an ER doctor for a day.
  65. Ride every ride at Disneyland.
  66. Visit an Art Nouveau House.
  67. Make a grand entrance on a marble staircase.
  68. Sing at a piano bar.
  69. Become a foster parent.
  70. Go on safari.
  71. Rescue a pet from the pound.
  72. Pet a dolphin.
  73. Take a Transatlantic cruise.
  74. Have tea with other writers at the Algonquin.
  75. Take a Jane Austen Tour in Bath.
  76. Window shop on Rodeo Dr.
  77. Eat at the Boathouse in Central Park.
  78. Visit NASA.
  79. Watch a meteor shower in the desert.
  80. Judge a chocolate cake contest.
  81. Watch the Blue Angels in an Air Show.
  82. Plant an oak tree.
  83. Visit a southern plantation.
  84. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
  85. Follow a Pioneer Trail.
  86. Tour all the California Missions.
  87. Learn Contra dancing.
  88. Attend the opera.
  89. Dance under a disco ball.
  90. Pan for gold in Coloma.
  91. Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl.
  92. Wear a designer gown to a Hollywood event.
  93. Learn how to make glass art.
  94. Meet a famous chef or baker.
  95. Watch a live ballroom dance competition.
  96. Build a home movie theater.
  97. Visit Amish country.
  98. Go antiquing at a Flea Market.
  99. Try a new food I wouldn’t normally try.
  100. Ride a motorcycle.

2 Responses to “100 Things To Do Before I Die”

  1. Nanners said

    Are your wishes listed in rating order? If not, which are the top 10 on your list?

    • Amanda said

      Hello, Friend 🙂 No they’re not listed in order. I want to do all of them. I am not sure if I can pick just 10! Some are within reach, though, so I am focusing on those first. The pies in the sky can wait 😉

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