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Day 4 Post Script: Secrets and Guys

Posted by Amanda Jane on April 18, 2015

Before I bid adieu to wise Prudence and the noble Melibeus, there is one point which called to me that I felt I should share.

The Tiger Woods scandal from recent years brought about conflicting views and opinions, including some of my own.  Now first, I must argue that public figures need to understand that in so becoming, they will lose some of their privacy and their actions will be scrutinized.  People will form opinions of them.  It “comes with the territory” as some would say.  If you sign up to be in the public eye, then you have to understand that we, the public, and most especially your fans, will callously pick apart your life in our own minds to see how, and indeed whether, you measure up to our individual expectations.

Having said that, I ask you, truly what business is it of ours what his personal demons are?  His failings as a husband are honestly neither here nor there to us and should only concern his wife or girlfriend or people whose lives are intimately connected to his.  It should suffice us (the public) to know that he is aware of having let down his family and those who admire him, and that he is trying to change and grow in order to restore his family’s faith in him. I doubt any of us would be able to stand in the glare of the limelight and have our personal failings scrutinized and appear free from blemish.

Though many of us were eager to hear him explain his behavior, I personally don’t think we the public needed, or that he owed us an apology.  However, he did indeed apologize to his family and his fans.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have but little knowledge of golf beyond that which is played with giant clown heads and windmills, so I wouldn’t necessarily count myself a fan.  Nevertheless, I do respect him as a celebrity figure and I laud the work he does with his charity.

In his press conference, he eloquently acknowledged his guilt and the fact that he had disappointed those who looked up to him.  He made no excuses for his behavior but explained his faulty reasoning so that we could understand what was going through his mind.  In short, he took all the necessary steps to begin to rebuild his reputation.  He didn’t try to excuse his behavior.  He apologized.  He was remorseful, and not just as one who had been caught in his transgression, but as one who now truly understands the ramifications of his actions.

When Prudence had gone to the people who had wronged her family and heard their remorse, she went back to Melibeus and implored him to have pity on them.  Melibeus says:

“Then…he is well worthy of pardon and to have his sins forgiven who excuses not his crime but acknowledges it and repents, asking indulgence. For Seneca says: ‘There is the remission and the forgiveness where confession is.’ For confession is neighbour to innocence.  And he says in another place: ‘He that is ashamed for his sin and acknowledges it, is worthy of remission.’ “

What say we give Tiger a break and another chance?


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